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D-51 (51) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
D-51 (51) (ディー・ゴー・イチ, Dī Gō Ichi?) is a Japanese popular music group consisting of two men, Yu and Yasu. They are signed under Pony Canyon label.
STS-51 (51)-D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
STS 51 (51)-D was the sixteenth flight of a space shuttle and the fourth flight of Discovery. It conducted the fifth landing at Kennedy Space
51 (51)-D
51 (51)-D (16). DISCOVERY (4): Pad 39-A (28): 16th Shuttle mission: 4th Flight OV-103 : Extended mission: 5th KSC landing
STS-51 (51)-D
STS-51 (51)-D space exploration.
Flight Up: STS-51 (51)-D. Flight Back: STS-51 (51)-D. Call Sign: Discovery. Crew: Bobko, Garn, Griggs, Hoffman, Seddon, Walker,
Category:STS-51 (51)-D - Wikimedia Commons
Media in category "STS-51 (51)-D". The following 9 files are in this category,
Sts-51 (51)-d-patch.png 577709 bytes. Syncom LEASAT.jpg 37189 bytes
NASA - STS-51 (51)D
STS-51 (51)D Mission Patch The launch set for March 19 was rescheduled to March 28 d
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