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160by2 (160by2) (a SMSCountry initiative) endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS - from a PAID service to a FREE service.
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September 8th, 2008 at 11:43 pm. Thanks 2 160by2 (160by2).com. Just cz of d web site v cd stay connected to our loved ones. which is simply gr8.
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hi..i got in touch with 160by2 (160by2) through a friend. the first word coming in my mind was AWESOME!! one thing i’d like to ask,like the google adsense program,is
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Free SMS, Send Free SMS To Any Mobie In India - 160by2
Send Free SMS In India - ~ Free International Calls
160by2 - Send Free SMS to India - Send FREE SMS at 160by2 to any Mobile in India - Send Free SMS to any Mobile in India
Use 160by2 to send free SMS in India. | Technofriends
Free SMS In India via : Paggu
Send SMS for Free all over India at - send free sms 160by2 - India Buzz
Send free SMS to any mobile in India. Over 13 Crores USER Generated SMS Sent
Mobile - Visit 160by2 from your mobile at Java App
You can now send free SMS messages, 80 characters long, within India to all
to 80 characters long, to any mobile user within India, without any riders.
14 Jun 2008
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